Student Savings

Student Savings Account

Our Student Savings account can help them feel like a super hero while saving for the future.

Because you matter, Reliant Bank offers a program that teaches kids how saving money can be fun and very rewarding!  Students 10 and up can earn a special reward just for saving money.  Once you reach a balance of $250 in deposits, you will receive a $25 bonus in your account!   Starting early is the best way to teach youth about saving money and a Reliant Student Savings Account offers exciting features such as:

  • 0.90% APY*
  • No minimum balance
  • No monthly fee
  • $25 to open account
  • Account available for students age 20 and under


Super Saver Program

Because you matter, those 9 years and under can participate in our Super Saver Program.  Receive a stamp in your passbook each month when you make a deposit.  Once you have all twelve stamps and $100 in your account, receive a $25 cash bonus in your account!  You also get a Super Saver prize each month when you make a deposit in your savings account!



*Annual Percentage Yield.  This is a limited transaction account.  Limit of 6 withdrawals per month, no penalty.  The Student Savings Account is for students 20 and under.  Account earns 0.90% annual percentage yield on balance.  Rate is subject to change without notice.  APY is accurate as of August 1, 2015.  Interest is compounded quarterly.  Fees could reduce earnings.
The Super Saver Program is for students 9 and under.  The minimum balance of $100 is required once a passbook is complete with 12 stamps in order to receive the one-time $25 bonus.  Only one stamp and gift will be awarded each month although, multiple deposits are allowed.
Account for students 10-20 must reach a balance of $250 to receive the one-time $25 bonus.