Online Banking Update

We've updated our online banking experience! If you need assistance or encounter any errors please let us know. Click here to contact us.

This redesigned version is based on extensive testing and feedback from end users to ensure an improved online banking experience. Improvements include:

  • An updated login page to streamline the sign-in process.
  • A simplified home page with easy access to account balances, transfers, recent transactions and bill payments.
  • The presentation of transactions from newest to oldest without having to select current or previous statement to make it easier to review and monitor transaction activity.
  • Intuitive navigation to allow you to manage activity from one page. This makes finding and performing transactions faster and more efficient.
  • The layout of transaction history onto a single page to make it easier to track activity.
  • A simplified and improved transfer feature for easy access to express and scheduled transfers within the same workflow. The result is quicker initiation of one-time and recurring transfers.
  • Bill pay integration for convenience and an added security layer your bill payment experience will no longer launch in a second browser window.
  • A responsive design for an optimal experience on tablets, phones, or laptops regardless of screen size, resolution or orientation. This will allow you to truly do your banking anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Resize online banking to fit any screen












These changes are not relevant to business online banking at this time; however, business online 6.0 is in development and will have a similar look and feel in the future.

Thank you for your business!  We look forward to continuing to improve your online banking experience.