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Fraud Text Alerts

EnFact Fraud Text Alerts

At Reliant Bank, protecting you from fraud is our priority. That’s why Reliant Bank debit cardholders are being automatically enrolled to receive EnFact Fraud Text Alerts.  This free service will quickly alert you of any suspicious activity on your debit card by sending a text notification to your mobile phone.  This allows you to instantly and easily review potentially fraudulent transactions, keeping you and your funds protected.

Enfact Fraud Text Alerts provide Mastercard debit cardholders with free*, real-time text messages for faster fraud identification and prevention. When fraud is suspected, cardholders will receive a text alert with details about the suspected transaction. Text messages will display sender number 1-877-253-8962. The merchant name and dollar amount will display in the text message for the cardholder to review. We will only ask you to verify if you made the purchase – we will never ask for account number or personal information.

If the transaction is legitimate, you will confirm the transaction and no further action is required. If the transaction is fraudulent, you will reply accordingly and the card will be blocked. We will then send you a phone number via text. You will use this phone number to call us for follow-up. If we do not receive a response to our original text alert, the card will be restricted and the debit cardholder will be contacted by phone for verification purposes.

To opt out of Enfact Fraud Text Alerts, reply STOP when a text message is received. Cardholders who opt out will continue receiving only phone calls regarding potential fraudulent activity.

Please contact your local branch with any questions, and be certain your mobile phone number is part of your account records with Reliant to ensure access to Enfact Fraud Text Alerts.

We appreciate your business and the opportunity to keep you protected from fraud.



*Message and data rates may apply.



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