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Identity Protection

Protecting your identity is vital.

By keeping some of these tips in mind, you can help reduce your risk and help minimize the threat of someone stealing your personal information.


  • Never share your debit card PIN or online banking passwords with anyone
  • Whenever possible, use your Debit Card as a signature based transaction rather than using your PIN
  • When ordering items online, use trusted sites with secure payment solutions


  • There are a lot of great identity theft product solutions available to consumers.  Many offer a triple-bureau credit report and daily credit monitoring.  Many times, your insurance carrier can offer an identity theft product that's attached to your homeowner's policy.  Check with your agent for details.  Consumer Reports and the Better Business Bureau are also great resources to find the best product for you.


  • If you suspect you have been a victim of Identity Theft, visit for information on steps you can take.

Click to watch a helpful video about preventing identity theft. 

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