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Positive Pay

Protect against fraud with Reliant Bank's Positive Pay.

Positive Pay

Because your business success is our greatest achievement, Reliant Bank offers a product called Positive Pay, which is an automated tool used by companies to help with fraud protection.

How does it work?
You, the company, submits a file of issued checks to the bank each day as checks are written.  The file contains the check number, account number, issue date and dollar amount.  When a check is presented for payment the check is cross referenced against the list that you provide.  If the check does not appear on the list, then you are notified of an exception item.  You are then given the ability to pay or deny the check once you review the item.

Positive Pay is a great way to protect companies that issue large quantities of checks from fraud.  To discuss how this tool may be a great benefit to your company, please contact one of our commercial bankers at 615-221-2025 or

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Introducing Fraud Text Alerts

Reliant Bank debit cardholders are being automatically enrolled to receive EnFact Fraud Text Alerts. Enfact Fraud Text Alerts provide Mastercard debit cardholders with free*, real-time text messages for faster fraud identification and prevention. Text messages will display sender number 1-877-253-8962. For more information click here.

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